Hi! I'm Diego Beltramini

User Experience Designer based in Barcelona

User Experience Designer with a strong visual and graphic design background.

I’m able to collaborate with stakeholders in order to identify business goals and establish a complete product experience through journey maps and user flows.
I can investigate different product directions and create low, mid or high fidelity wireframes depending on the needs of the project.

I have a complete knowledge and understanding of visual design principles like hierarchy, alignment, composition, grids, balance, layout.

I’m able to understand and evaluating research findings to improve the overall experience and to collaborate with visual designers and developers to ensure that the intended experience is achieved once design and code are translated to the final output, establishing design guidelines, style guides and design systems.

I’m capable to create interactive prototypes to model crucial parts of the product experience and present and justify design decisions, helping stakeholders understand and contribute to the design process.

Wants some more?

Check out my experience and education, the projects I worked on and if you need more information, just drop me a line!

Here you can find my updated resume in .pdf format.