Eat & Go

MVP - minimum viable product

Web-based solution to provide restaurant customers a seamless way to order and pay the bill. No mobile app needed.


The customer does not need to wait to ask for the bill, no need of pre-installed app or to download a new one. No POS to execute the payment. Customer can choose if pay just what they ordered, split the bill or pay all. Tips.

My Role

Ideation, flows, journeys, information architecture, wireframing, design coordination, technical specifications.

initial process

Understand and empathise with the customer and with the flow (customer and merchant side). Benchmarking, ideation and conceptualisation of the solution and functionalities. Design flows and journeys.

Design process

Design iterations of low-fidelity wireframes and internal validation based on best practices and benchmarking, to develop a high-fidelity prototype.

Design coordination of the front-end and reception of user feedbacks for design adjustments and iterations.

Element of the system

Web-based application for customers.

Merchant native application for management.


This project started just to provide a new payment options and then growth to provide a complete experience also for ordering. The new functionalities were added based on customers feedbacks and acceptance and behaviour were tested with focus groups and workshops.

A start-up that provided the same solution in late 2021, received a $100M series A investment.