Face to Pay

MVP - minimum viable product

Face recognition check-out solution that allows clients to authenticate in-person purchases without the need to carry a physical device.


Design, develop and test the solution in order to understand acceptance, user behaviour, barriers, pain points and limitations of the technology.
Provide a fast, simple, convenient and secure biometric check-out solution without to avoid the use of cash, cards or smartphones.

My Role

Ideation, flows, journeys, information architecture, wireframing, design coordination, technical specifications.

initial process

Collaborate and brainstorm to understand the limitations of the technology and propose different product directions and functionalities, based on research insights about user behaviour and biometric technology acceptance.

Design process

Design iterations to understand the possible architecture and design of mid-fidelity wireframes. Internal testing and validation based on best practices and benchmarking, to develop a high-fidelity prototypes for understand the overall interaction and adoption.

Design coordination of the front-end development and iteration and testing based on three pilots with the participation of more than 500 real users.

Element of the system

User mobile application for biometric onboarding.
Not needed for the check-out.

Merchant standalone camera to authenticate the client and screen for user feedback.


This project took more than a year to ideate, conceptualise, design, implement and test. 

Many features and functionalities were discarded in order to stick with the MVP concept.
Anyway, the iterations helped us to understand the opportunities and the limitations of the technology as well as the customer behaviour and acceptance.

This project was the first biometric check-out solution successfully tested in a real environment in Spain.
The backers of the project choose to not move forward because of the pandemic and the mandatory use of facemasks.